Best Humidifier For Babies

Best Humidifier For Babies

Your Guide to Humidifiers for Babies and Children

So you’ve stumbled here to try to find the best humidifier for babies. First off, congratulations on having a baby! If you are not having a baby, congratulations on being an amazing person buying an amazing and helpful gift. If you’re neither of those, well, congratulations on just being you.  In order to help you pick out the best humidifier for babies, we have done our research to create an informative guide that should narrow down your search to find that perfect humidifier for babies (or for adults)!

As we all know, the humidifier in the baby’s room is a very important decision and should not be taken lightly. Your baby is very sensitive to the air around them and the extra moisture in the air from the humidifier can help in a number of different ways. That is why we will first begin discussing the benefits of humidifiers for babies.

benefits of humidifiers for babies

Benefits of Humidifiers For Babies

Protecting Baby’s Skin:

The most important reason that parents prefer to have a good-quality humidifier in their baby’s room is because it provides protection against dry air. This is especially true in the winter months when the indoor air is especially dry due to the heating system. When heaters are turned on, indoor humidity can drop to less than 10% humidifier for soft baby skin(when in fact, the average home should be 20%-30% in the winter and up to 40%-50% in the summer).  With the drop in humidity, viruses can grow more quickly, which cause a baby to get sick more easily. Think about it this way, most adults have sensitive skin- imagine a baby’s skin if it is not properly taken care of.

The humidifier also helps to protect the baby from other dryness that is caused throughout the year such as chapped lips, dry eyes, and itchy skin. These can all irritate babies no matter where you live, but especially are common in colder climates.

Fighting Against Colds and Illnesses:

Humidifiers can be used as preventative tools to help babies feel more comfortable if they are feeling cold or flu symptoms. Since they have a rough time adjusting to the dry air caused by the heater, the humidifier moistens the air around the room to provide the baby with a less ‘dry’ feeling. This typically alleviates some of the irritation around the throat, nasal tubes, and the nasal passages.

Misconception: Many first-time parents believe that they will only need a humidifier in the baby is sick. This is actually false. A humidifier also helps babies sleep better (sick or not). The lack of moisture actually makes babies and small children uncomfortable in their sleep.

For the Baby’s Voice:

As we develop, our vocal cords need humidity to help us feel comfortable talking. Imagine a very cold day or a very warm/dry day- how difficult it is to talk when there is almost no humidity. Now, it is the same for a baby; they have very sensitive vocal cords and need an ample amount of humidity in the room in order to feel comfortable sleeping, making noises, crying, etc… otherwise, it will feel sandy to them and unpleasant.


Types of Humidifiers for Babies

When choosing the best humidifier for babies, you have to first understand the types of humidifiers offered on the market. There are two types of humidifiers that are regularly available for purchase. The third option would be in-duct humidifiers, which are humidifiers that are installed within the actual air ducts of the home. Though this may make sense for home renovations/purchases, we will not go very far into detail with this option. The two types of humidifiers for babies are:

Cool Mist Humidifier for Babies: The cool mist humidifier does not have a heating element that allows the water to be heated up. The largest advantage of having the cool mist humidifier for babies is that there is no risk of the baby or child to get burnt by the machine when they get too close to it. Though this unlikely to happen, there is always a chance that the baby gets too close to the warm mist and hurts themselves.

Parent tip: If you will not keep a close eye on the child or will not have the humidifier out of reach of the children, we recommend the cool mist

General tip: cool mist humidifiers do not do anything to make the mist any cooler- they just use room temperature water so the mist feels ‘cooler’ on the skin.

Warm Mist Humidifier for Babies: 
Warm mist humidifiers heat the water with a built-in heating element. The humidifier boils the water into steam. This actually sterilizes the water so that fewer bacteria can be spread across the room.

Another name for the warm mist humidifier is vaporizer. As mentioned above, there is really no major difference between the warm mist humidifier and the cool mist humidifier aside from the heating element. They are built in nearly the same way and produce a similar mist function.

Some parents have sworn by the vaporizer (warm mist humidifier) to warm the air and keep their babies feeling more comfortable in the dry air. Others have shied away from the product due to the risk of hot water accidents.

Bonus Humidifier:

The Ultrasonic Humidifier: This humidifier is the most modern type of humidifier and is typically highly recommended for babies. It uses high-frequency sound waves to vibrate the water, which creates mist. These humidifiers are typically the quietest because they don’t have a fan at all.  Also, they have demineralized cartridges that have to be replaced every few weeks.


What To Consider When Choosing the Best Humidifier For Babies

When choosing the best humidifier for babies, you have to understand some of the considerations that must be made in order to make a purchase.

Price: Though there is an entire range of products out on the market, we typically recommend not purchasing the cheapest ones. The benefits in price typically do not justify the quality of product that you are receiving.  With that said, you also don’t have to go out spending an arm and a leg to buy a humidifier for a baby (or for yourself). The typical humidifier should cost between $40-$100 dollars depending on some of the features, quality, brand, warranty, etc… that you are looking for.

Safety: We understand that this is an electrical water which uses water. That can be scary- especially for first-time parents. That is why you should consider doing your research (which you are doing right here!) and making sure that this is exactly that product that you want. If you do not need comfortable with the warm mist humidifier, we recommend you consider choosing the cool mist humidifier for your child.

Noise: Though they vary, cool mist humidifiers can, at times, be louder than warm mist humidifier because they have a fan. Some models do have silencing features, which allow for them to be quieter. This can be beneficial- especially if you have a baby that is sensitive to noise.

Water Quality: Many humidifier companies and pediatricians do recommend that you filter your water. This is due to the fact that tap water has minerals that can clog up the unit, which will stop it from creating mist. Filtered water can be purchased for under a dollar at the store, or you can install a water filter in the home for relatively cheap. This may be beneficial so your humidifier lasts longer and maintains its quality.

Humidifier Maintenance and Cleaning: These are vital to make sure that the humidifier is performing as well as it cal. Typically, the warm mist humidifier takes more cleaning and maintenance than the cool mist humidifier.

General Tip: Some units actually have replaceable filters. In order to clean these filters, you can either replace them every few months or soak them in hot vinegar water about once a week.




Choosing The Best Humidifier for Babies



Price: $46.99

ANIMAL CHARACTER ULTRASONIC COOL-MIST HUMIDIFIERAnimals Available: Dragon Humidifier, Duck Humidifier, Frog Humidifier, Monkey Humidifier, Owl Humidifier, Penguin Humidifier, Pig Humidifier, and Tiger Humidifier.

Our First Impression:

What can we say- we are suckers for the cute animal designs!  This is an affordable and child-  friendly animal design that will keep babies happy with their curved edges and happy smiles. This humidifier is designed by Crane- one of the most popular humidifier manufacturers. Check it out!


  • Very cute and child-friendly animal design
  • Cool Mist Ultrasonic (remember we mentioned how quite those are?) Humidifier
  • 24 hours of moisture on the medium setting
  • Removable one-gallon tank
  • Humidifier suitable for up to 250 square feet in sizePig humidifier for babies
  • Does not require filter to operate
  • Releases 2.1 gallons of moisture into the air per day
  • Award winning design

More Information:

The extremely quiet design of the Crane humidifier for babies and small children is perfect because it allows the little ones to sleep peacefully. The humidifier has a built-in auto-shut-off feature which stops the machine when the water tank is empty to ensure safety for your child.

cute animal humidifierCleaning:

It is important to clean your humidifier frequently. Crane does recommend that you empty the water in the basin daily and pour away from the fan air-outlet. The machine should be very easy to clean.


Dimensions: 9.5″ L x 9.5″ W x 12.75″ H
Weight: 5 lbs.

Anonymous User Reviews:

Positive: Great little humidifier. We currently have the Monkey and had the Frog in the past. We have dry forced air in the winter, and this little humidifier is great in our son’s room. It’s super quiet. We had to crank the vapor volume down a bit because it felt like the rainforest after one evening (we shut his door at night). Our son breathes better at night. This was highly rated on several websites for kids humidifiers, so we bought one. Easy to refill and my son likes looking at humidifier for children

Mixed: I bought this for my son’s room, to use during the winter when the air is dry. It is cute, and he seems to like it. Maybe it is just this model, but the steam either comes out full blast or not at all, which means the water tank has to be refilled every day, sometimes twice a day. It is easy to keep clean, though and did seem to help my son sleep better this past winter. Only gave it three stars because of the steam function, but other than that its a cute little machine.

Positive: I bought this monkey humidifier for my infant son. It is very quiet and works very well. You can adjust the setting depending on how much mist you want. It is extremely easy to operate and clean. I am very happy with my purchase.

Our thoughts? We think that this is a great product with a lot of potentials. The body of the product is adorable, the quality seems to be pretty high end, and there are not too many negative reviews. Some people mentioned replacement parts could be somewhat expensive, while others have not had a problem.

Overall User Rating for this humidifier for babies:


 Best Humidifiers for Babies

Cool mist humidifier for babies


Crane Ultrasonic Warm & Cool Mist Humidifier:

Price: $79.99

Crane Best humidifier for babies

Our First Impression:

Right off the bat, you can tell this is a superior product due to the design, the dual function of the humidifier, the ultrasonic capabilities, and the Crane brand. What else do we like about this humidifier? It will most likely be something that you will be able to use when your baby is no longer a baby. What we mean by this is that this design can fit into any room, so feel free to borrow the humidifier for the night if you have to! See for yourself!


  • Offers antimicrobial protection embedded in water tank to fight mold and mildew
  • Dual function warm and cool mist just in case your baby is fighting a sickness, or you feel that you change your mind with the settings
  • Silently runs for up to 72 hours with an Auto-off function when water tank is empty
  • 360-degree multi-directional nozzle to direct mist
  • Emits 2.5 gallons of moisture
  • Does not require a filter to operate
  • Easy to remove 1.2-gallon tankCrane warm and cool mist humidifier
  • For use in large and small rooms (rooms up to 500 sq. feet)

More Information:

The Crane humidifier is very easy to use due to its simple design. It has a straightforward to use water reservoir that makes it easy to fill and clean. The humidifier protects against mold and mildew through small natural antimicrobial silver particles that prevent bacteria, viruses, and mold from growing.


Very easy, but should frequently be cleaned for best results. The water should be emptied each day to make sure that your humidifier is safe for babies. If you have hard water or mineral water, it is recommended that you use a filter system (LINK HERE TO FILTER like this:

Size: 13.6″ L x 9.3″ W x 15″ H

Anonymous User Reviews:

 Positive: I’ve been using this humidifier all winter and loved it. I keep it in the master bedroom and use it only at night when sleeping. It has greatly helped keep my usually dry sinus from getting infected this winter.

Mixed: When it came in the mail we were happy, but after a week it started to make a loud noise. I called the company, and they sent us a new one and took back the old. It seems that the first one was defective from the beginning. No mist was ever visible. The replacement is great. We have increased the humidity in this old house, and we are sleeping better. I would recommend this product.

Our thoughts?

Well, we like the design of the warm and cool humidifier if you have a long-term agenda for it. What do we mean by that? It isn’t the most kid-friendly design. With that said, we think it still does the job. It is a high output machine capable of multiple settings. If the warm setting is on, make sure to keep an eye out with the young ones. Otherwise, we do still recommend this humidifier.

Overall User Rating for this humidifier for babies:


Best Humidifier reviewsCool and warm mist humidifier 

Evap 3 Evaporative Vortex Humidifier:

Price: $89.99

best vortex humidifier for babies

Our First Impression:

What else is there to say besides that this humidifier is a cross between a beauty and a beast! And not in a bad way! From the look of it, it seems that this evaporative Vortex humidifier may be the strongest humidifier that we have seen (let’s see if the proof is in the pudding!). Check it out!


  • Humidifies up to 700 sq. Feet through the use of vortex circulation (see more information)
  • Electronic humidistat for automatic humidity control
  • Three fan settings (low, high, auto)
  • Push-button controls with LED lights for easy confirmation of settings
  • 1.5-gallon tank capacity with up to 2.6-gallon output every 24 hours
  • Backed by five-year limited warranty 

More Information:Best humidifiers for babies and kids

The Vornado Evap3 Whole Room Evaporative Vortex Humidifier is probably the strongest humidifier that we will feature (so far) on our website. This humidifier is unique due to its deep pitch blades that pull large volumes of dry air and transfer them through two humidifying filters. The vortex action of the blades allows the air to circulate throughout the room, similar to a vortex (or tornado) allows more force to be emitted from the machine. The onboard humidistat regulates the speed of the fans so that the humidity output can continuously flow on the automatic function (thus allowing you to worry less).  The product comes with five-year warranty.


We do not have much cleaning information for this humidifier, but we can assume that the cleaning specifications are relatively similar to the other products that we are reviewing.


Product Dimensions: 15.1 x 10.2 x 12.1 inches ; 7.2 pounds

Shipping Weight: 10.4 pounds

Anonymous User Reviews:
Positive: I have had lots of different humidifiers. I like this one the best. The ultrasonics leave white dust all over my electronics. And, you have to remember to replace the ultrasonics’ demineralization and antibacteria cartridges on a schedule, because the end of their useful life is not always obvious. For this evap humidifier, you have to change the humidifier filters occasionally, but when they are no longer useful, you know it. Personally, I like the Vornado evap humidifiers much better than the ultrasonics, because I find them to be much less maintenance while working just as well or better. This is Vornado’s best humidifier.

Mixed Review: As advertised…does lower the temp of the room…good in summer not so desired in the winter. However no fault of the unit.. evaporation method will always do that as it is a result of the evaporation process. I’m happy.

vortex humidifier

Our thoughts?

So what do we think…? We believe that the technology is quite unique and differentiates this product from the rest of the humidifiers that we have seen thus far. We also applaud the power that this machine has with the dual blades pulling in large amounts of dry air. What else? Well, we believe that the design is not 100% child-friendly. Which may not be a bad thing- some children may not be as tempted to play with the humidifier versus some of the themed ones (just depends on where you place it and how curious your child is). Also, we wanted to rate this higher, but it is more expensive than some of the competition. At this point, this becomes a decision of whether you believe the increase in price justifies the significantly better quality that this machine is supposed to provide. We also believe that this machine is more of a long-term investment since it is not themed.

Overall User Rating for this humidifier for babies:

8/10Best Evaporative Humidifiers for Babies vortex humidifier

Crane 2.3 Gallon Drop-Shape Cool-Mist Humidifier:

Price: $45.58-$49.99


Available colors: Green, Orange, Pink, and White.

Our First Impression:

This humidifier has a very simple curvy design that really looks like it can fit into any room. The design is fun, simple, elegant, and resembles a water droplet. As you have seen, Crane is a well-trusted humidifier manufacturer, so we are quite excited to be reviewing this humidifier. See for yourself!


  • Humidifier holds 1 gallon of water and produces up to 2.3 gallon moisture output per day
  • Very quiet ultrasonic humidifier runs up to 24 hours
  • 360 degree mist nozzle and variable control settings
  • Auto shutoff safety sensor
  • Does not require a filter to run
  • Award winning design
  • Suitable for rooms up to 250 sq. feet

More Information:

This award winning design humidifier is a very simple to use cool mist humidifier.  It runs for 24 hours on the medium setting and is whisper-quiet so that your baby never has to wake up from the humidifier. This is also a compact, energy efficient, and budget-friendly humidifier for babies.


The best way to clean the humidifier is to frequently clean it with warm vinegar water and let it sit for 30 minutes; then rinse.  Typically, the basin and the tank should be cleaned approximately once a week.crane drop humidifier


Product Dimensions: 9.4 x 13.5 x 9.4 inches

Shipping Weight: 4.4 pounds

Anonymous User Reviews:

Positive: I have used a number of humidifiers over the years, and after a review on Gizmodo, I ordered this one immediately. It’s a cute design, much different than most, but the adjustable spout at the top makes it also very efficient. The water in the reservoir last a very long time, but when it runs out, it’s easy and simple to refill without a lot of spilled water or drips. It really cranks out the cold steam, and has improved my sleeping by a great deal. The best thing about it, however, is how absolutely quiet it is. I sleep with it on my nightstand about two feet away from my head, and sometimes MAYBE i’ll hear a glug of water, but the operation of it is silent. For anyone who needs a good simple humidifier that is silent, this one rocks.

Mixed Review: Simple to use and simple to maintain. The directions are very clear about how to keep this humidifier clean and disinfected. As long as I follow the directions, we have no problems with mold or build up. My only concern is the mist output. If we don’t adjust it correctly, either too much mist comes out and everything is soaked or not enough comes out and it doesn’t do the job. But when the mist output is adjusted correctly, it works well to keep the air moist and help my kids get through their colds.

humidifiers for children and babies

Our thoughts?

We believe this this is a solid choice when it comes to price, design, quality, and ease of use. If you are looking for something simple to use that does not come with all of the fancy buttons, lights, and settings, this is a great choice. We also believe that this makes a great addition to the kid’s rooms due to their simple modern design. We have tallied up the reviews and found that people seem to really enjoy this particular humidifier for babies and children.

Overall User Rating for this humidifier for babies:


best humidifiers for babies

drop humidifier

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Humidifiers for Babies

Q. What is the ideal humidity level I should maintain in my home?
A. We typically recommend that you maintain a humidity level between 30%-50%. Typically, when there is a humidity level beyond 50%, this can create mold, bacteria, and other nasty things that we want to avoid. When the humidity level is under 30%, the chances of us getting sick are much more high. As mentioned above, humidity levels can reach under 10% in the winter. That is why getting sick is so common during the winter and dry months.

Q. How much energy does a humidifier use?
A. Though all humidifiers vary, we have found that that there will be a very small impact on your energy bills. The answer obviously depends on how many hours you keep the humidifier on, how powerful it is, how many sq. feet it covers, whether the warm mist humidifier function is on, etc… You will most likely not see a large difference in the price of your energy bill due to a humidifier.

Q. Will the humidifier wake my baby?
A. Probably not. Your baby has a larger chance of waking up from a cough, cold, dry throat, skin irritation, or other issues that are caused by dry air, than waking up from most humidifiers. Granted, some humidifiers are louder than others, you will find that humidifiers with ultrasonic features are very quiet and seemingly un-noticeable. We chose between a group of the best humidifiers for babes so any of the choices above should be at least moderately quiet.

Q. Where should I place the humidifier?
A. Typically, you should avoid having the humidifier near the floor or walls or vents. If the humidifier is too close to the vent, walls, or floors, this can throw off the humidity rating. We recommend keeping the humidifier on a dresser or chair. Also, try not to point the humidifier at the baby or child. If it is a warm mist humidifier, make sure not to keep it within reach of the child.

Q. How often should I change the water in the filter?
A. Most companies recommend changing the water daily. If your machine has a germ-killing filtration system, you will most likely be able to change the water every couple of days. It typically just depends how much you use your machine.

General Tip: If you do not see visible mist, please do not be alarmed. Make sure to read the instruction manual to see if this is normal. As long as you are seeing a decrease in water as you continue to use your humidifier, it should be working. This is most common in cool mist humidifiers.